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The Sister-2-Sister Ministry is a women's ministry that is driven by the Spirit of God, who empowers us to share the Gospel with those who are hurting and lost. We are charged to enhance our personal relationship with Jesus by nurturing Christ-like relationships among women, and leading others to Him through:


  • WORSHIP-"Love the Lord your God with all your heart."

  • MINISTRY-"Love your neighbor as yourself."

  • EVANGELISM-"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations."

  • FELLOWSHIP-"Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together."

  • DISCIPLESHIP-"Teaching them to obey."

Women make up almost 70% of today's congregations and are a vital part of every church. Unlike generations before, women no longer feel helpless, harassed, or hopeless. Now, more than ever before, women are not embracing victimization, but women are stepping up, speaking out and making a difference.

The Sister-2-Sister Ministry is comprised of women ages 18 and above. This ministry provides instruction in the Word of God through Bible Study, seminars, conferences, Bible Camps, fellowships and other spiritual activities.

The Sister-to-Sister Ministry meets every 2nd Saturday at 1:00 PM.


To unite the women of Owens Chapel as one body in Christ.


The Sister-2-Sister Ministry will nurture and enhance the spiritual growth

of women and demonstrate that Owens Chapel is a place where

"The Word of God is preached and the love of God is practiced."


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